Which raw materials have the most development potential in 2021?

Time : 2021-08-30

With the rise of new consumer groups, the demand for functional food of a new generation of young people is becoming more and more obvious, and their understanding of raw materials and ingredients is also deepening. At the same time, the global outbreak and continuous prevalence of new-type coronary pneumonia not only have a great impact on the society, but also further enhance consumers' attention to health and stimulate the rapid development of dietary supplement market. How will the global health supplements and raw materials industry develop in 2021? Which raw materials will lead the market in the next few years?

Immunization market "battle", who is the "star of tomorrow"?

Enhancing immunity is still the mainstream. Immunity is the body's own defense mechanism and an important line of defense against the external environment. The decline of the body's immunity will directly lead to the increase of the incidence of diseases. Therefore, it is very important to improve the body's immunity.


2020 is an extremely volatile year for the market. Inevitably, the sales of probiotics will also decrease. However, according to the data of spins, as of November 29, 2020, probiotics are still the best-selling product type in the mainstream channel and natural supplement channel in the United States, with sales of US $759 million and US $126.9 million respectively. Probiotics have a variety of benefits for human health, making it easy to enter multiple product categories. Because of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, one of the most important reasons for consumers to choose probiotic products is to support immune health.

Scientific research has found that the internal defense of the human body includes its own complex immune system, intestinal barrier and balanced microbial flora, all of which are interrelated. This is not a new concept, but now this cognition is spreading to a wider mainstream audience. When a product can target both intestinal and immune health, it will have a great appeal to consumers.

Of course, the potential benefits of probiotic supplements are not limited to immune health, but also brain health, heart health, skin health, female health, etc. A newly published study found that the supplement of Bacillus subtilis de111 can improve the endothelial function of healthy subjects, confirming that probiotics are beneficial to supporting healthy cholesterol levels and reducing low-density lipoprotein.

·Ascorbic acid

In the fight against novel coronavirus pneumonia, the US on the other side of the Pacific once launched "C fever".

Ascorbic acid is not only an essential micronutrient for human body, but also a powerful antioxidant, a cofactor involved in biosynthesis and gene regulation, but also a new force to maintain the immune system.

Ascorbic acid has faced supply chain bottlenecks due to the global blockade in 2020, limited transportation options, increased transportation costs and other obstacles. Up to 90% of the global supply of Ascorbic acid raw materials still comes from China, and China is also actively making adjustments to deal with the supply shortage. The Ascorbic acid market will tend to be stable in the future, and will be higher than the consumption level before COVID-19.

·Vitamin D

Over the past decade, consumers and medical practitioners have increasingly recognized the importance of preventing vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D is famous for its role in bone health, promoting calcium absorption and bone mineralization. It has obvious intervention effects from developing children to menopausal women; The role of vitamin D in reducing inflammation, supporting cell growth, neuromuscular and immune function and glucose metabolism has also attracted the attention of many researchers; In addition, vitamin D also shows potential in the fields of cancer prevention, heart health and migraine treatment. With the attention of consumers, the sales of vitamin D supplements have been gradually improved.


In fact, protein is synonymous with sports nutrition and fitness in the supplement market. Although COVID-19 led to the closure of the gym for some time, in 2020, protein was still one of the best selling ingredients. In addition, plant protein is also the main growth driver, and the sales growth of plant-based meat and alternative milk is significantly higher than the industry average.

Plant based products bring consumers another choice, which is more friendly to vegetarians and more in line with the concept of sustainability. In addition, a plant-based diet has its own health aura. This has brought great opportunities to suppliers and manufacturers, and also brought challenges to the demand for plant protein. Consumers are unwilling to compromise on taste and texture. The innovation around the source of plant protein continues. At present, the most prominent and reliable source of plant protein is soybean protein and pea protein.

It is worth noting that in the mainstream multi export channels, the best-selling protein products are animal and plant combinations, not a single plant protein.

"Opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared". The same is true for raw materials. The explosion of elderberry is the best proof. In 2021, immunization and emotion management will still be hot topics for consumers. No matter how the market and consumer demand go, everything changes. What is true is that the truly safe and effective ingredients must stand the test of consumers and the baptism of the market.

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