Third Nutrient---Lecithin

Time : 2021-04-09
Lecithin is known as the "third nutrient" parallel to protein and vitamin, but few people really know lecithin. Lecithin is the basic material of life, human life
It can not be separated from its nourishment and protection from the beginning to the end. Lecithin is found in each cell, more focused on the brain and nervous system, the blood circulation system, the immune system and the liver

Heart, kidney and other important organs. The specific effects are as follows:

1. "Scavenger" of blood vessels: it can improve blood circulation, improve serum lipids, remove peroxides, reduce cholesterol and neutral fat content in blood, and reduce fat in blood vessels

The retention time of the inner wall can promote the dissipation of atherosclerotic spots and prevent the damage of intima vessels caused by cholesterol.

2. It can prevent the occurrence of dementia: as people grow older, memory will decline, and the reason is related to the lack of acetylcholine content. Acetylcholine is the information of nervous system

The necessary compounds in transmission, the human brain can directly take phospholipids and choline from the blood, and quickly convert to acetylcholine. Long term lecithin supplementation can slow down the progression of memory decline

To prevent or delay the occurrence of Alzheimer's.

3. Liver protection: choline in lecithin has affinity for fat. If the body is lack of choline, it will affect fat metabolism, cause fat accumulation in the liver, and form fatty liver. Ovophosphate

Fat can also reduce the serum cholesterol content, prevent liver cirrhosis, and help the recovery of liver function.

4. Sub healthy people: the social competition is becoming increasingly fierce. People are in a tense environment and various pressures for a long time, and often suffer from anxiety, irritability, insomnia, tinnitus and other diseases, namely planting

Physical and nervous disorders, commonly known as neurasthenia. Egg yolk lecithin is known as advanced neurotrophic element by experts. It can be replenished by lecithin frequently, which can make brain nerve get nutrition supplement and protect it in time

It is helpful to eliminate fatigue, stimulate brain cells, improve the irritability, irritability, insomnia and other diseases caused by nervous tension.

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